Privacy Policy

This website,, takes data privacy very seriously, and takes measures to ensure, to the best of our ability, the security of any personal information gathered from website visitors. We make all efforts to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, and generally the privacy requirements of other countries.

As a business, we necessarily collect personal and financial details from clients, and our website also collects various technical details during your visit.

Information collected

Webservers routinely collect information about visitors to their website. Our webserver collects:

  • Your IP address;
  • Time of visit;
  • Your computer's operating system;
  • Browser used;
  • Your country;
  • Referring website (if you clicked a link to come to Moore Media);
  • Entry webpage (the page you first viewed);
  • Pages viewed during your visit;
  • Exit webpage (the last page you viewed on the site);
  • Search phrase used (if you arrived from a search engine, although increasingly this information is not provided by the Google search engine).

The server also identifies common search engine robots.

This information is used in aggregated form to examine browsing trends, incoming sources, commonly-used browsers and what search engines visit the site.

Moore Media does not use third-party analytics solutions such as Google Analytics. All analysis of visitors is in aggregated form from data collected by the webserver.

The site is powered by the WordPress content management system, and uses various plugins, a theme derived from the OceanWP theme, plus fonts supplied by

The WordPress system places “cookies” in your computer to assist site management during the visit and on return visits; these cookies are used solely for site operation and not for tracking or targeting visitors. (see our cookie policy.)

Likewise no programs are used to track visitors after they leave the site or to place advertising pixels or cookies.

Personal information provided on contact

Moore Media can be contacted by phone, SMS, post, or email. With the first three methods, the personal information you provide is entirely at your discretion.

Our email contact form collects:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • and optionally, any other information you may include, such as your business name, phone number, and of course your comments/inquiry.

This information is not held on the webserver, but is passed immediately to a separate email server.

Information security

Our webserver uses a LetsEncrypt secure certificate to provide browsing security. Most browsers will automatically recognise Moore Media as a secure website using the HTTPS protocol.

Access to our email accounts is also via secure connection with strong passwords, however, please be aware that email communication is inherently insecure, and a message may pass through multiple servers, each or any of which may store copies of the message.

Emails are stored separately from the webserver.

Information use

Email, phone or text communications are held as being strictly confidential and are not passed to third parties without the sender's permission, except where required by law.

We do not send marketing materials – your name and email is not added to a marketing database.

If you receive unsolicited marketing emails (spam) purporting to originate from Moore Media, be assured these are NOT from us but from someone forging or "spoofing" our email address – unfortunately quite simple to do.

Requests for your information, or for information to be deleted

We believe it is important that personal information provided to Moore Media is accessible by you to ensure its accuracy, and to assure you of the extent of the information we hold about you.

While this website is principally for businesses in Australia, we also receive international visitors. Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), European Union citizens can request access to their information and request its removal. We are happy to comply with such requests, and also requests for access to personal information from citizens of other countries.

However, to protect our data from misuse, and for the privacy of our visitors and clients, any such requests may be required to provide identifying details of the information requested, and to verify your identity to our satisfaction before any action is taken.

Data Breaches

Under Australian regulations we are obliged to promptly report any data breaches we identify. We maintain various security measures on our website and email to provide a high level of security, and will endeavour to contact you promptly if we believe your personal information has been compromised.


In the first instance please make contact via the website form or by phone, and be assured we will do our best to correct any issues. If you are not satisfied with the outcome you can forward your complaint to the Information or Privacy office in your own country.

This policy may be updated for compliance with changing regulations.